Bowl Arts by Fred Warshofsky
Bowl Arts by Fred Warshofsky

                          Woodturning and Carving on the Lathe

As an artist and woodturner my goal is to take the woodturning process a step further and create hand carved wood bowls and vases that capture the essence of nature in the finished wood vessel.


 My goal is to achieve a synthesis between the once living tree and the curves and movement of the carved bowl or vase it has become.  The grain and texture of the wood add a warmth and vitality that gives a distinct dimension to the finished piece.


I work almost exclusively with local woods.  During the turning process grain, color, knots and other features in the wood are revealed, often driving the design of the piece. Thus, a knot or a dark spot might become an eye, the swirl of the grain calls forth the sweep of a wing....  All brought out, emphasized and enhanced by the carving.  My ultimate goal is  to depict  Wildlife captured in turned and carved wood.

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