Bowl Arts by Fred Warshofsky
Bowl Arts by Fred Warshofsky

Wood Bowls and Vases, Sculpture, Hand Carved and Turned Birds, Animals and Fish, Herons and Hummingbirds, Eagles, Owls and Butterflies, Bass and Trout, Horses; a celebration of wildlife found in my most recent work.


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The Heron
135.00 USD

This stately heron is carved from richly colored honey locust. 16" H X 7" W Back of the carving retains its natural black bark.

265.00 USD

Powerful Eagle with red flashes across the beak and head which characterize the Box Elder from which it is carved. 14" H X 15"W

285.00 USD

This stately heron is shocked by the size and anger of its would be meal.
Ambrosia maple 18" H X 13" W X 3" D

Trout Stream
165.00 USD

A spotted trout dives through the river. Maple and Driftwood 12"H X 9" W

285.00 USD

This heron and his lunch are carved from a slice from a hollowed out cherry tree. 14" Diam X 2" W

Disc Eagle
265.00 USD

This magnificent eagle, wings spread and talons reaching is carved from Ambrosia Maple. 14" H X 9" W

Fierce Eagle
95.00 USD

This eagle is ready to pounce on an unsuspecting prey. Honey locust. 17" X 5"

135.00 USD

This Greek inspired Vase is turned from a beautifully marked cherry wood. 9" H X 5"W

285.00 USD

The Odalisque has been a classic female pose for artists since the Renaissance. Here it is executed in rich, golden pear wood. 22" L X 7" W

Heron in Flight
285.00 USD

This soaring heron flies off with its prize. Ambrosia maple 14" Diameter

Proud Eagle
135.00 USD

This eagle proudly commands the scene. Carved from a richly colored honey locust. 17" H X &" W

Two Fishes
105.00 USD

Two fishes float on the waves. The wood is honey locust, 14"H X 8"H

Equus 5
175.00 USD

This handsome Pear vase sports two horse heads as handles. 10" H X 4" W

Hummingbird Sipping
125.00 USD

Hand carved in one piece from the bark
of a giant Oak tree, this hummingbird eagerly sips nectar from a flower. 12"H X 6" W

Proud Stallion
215.00 USD

This proud stallion is carved from a sweet gum log . The dark mottling of the wood adds a dramatic coloring to the proud head. 10"H X 12"W

The Wave
375.00 USD

These magnificent dolphins ride a giant cresting wave. Carved in one piece from a beautiful piece of ambrosia maple. 14"H X 12"W

4 Horse Carousel
250.00 USD

Four beautifully hand carved horses turn on a richly colored applewood base. Poplar, 11"H X 7"D

4 Birds
200.00 USD

Thee four elegant birds, hand carved from Osage Orange, revolve on a richly colored Cherry Base. 11"H C 6.5" D

135.00 USD

This beautiful, Japanese inspired flower arranger, hand carved in the form of an opening flower, holds water and awaits your own inspired arrangements. 4"H X 6"D

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